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LAODS TRUSTEES ~ Behind The Scenes



Andy's day job is in Children Services for Lincolnshire and he loves the work of supporting and protecting young people across the county. LAODS is very important to him as it contrasts with the sometimes testing nature of his career; the escape offered by performing with his friends within LAODS has proved invaluable over the years. As well as being Chair of LAODS, Andy is also a routine member of the production committee forming part of the creative team that brings fabulous LAODS shows to the stage every year. Andy has been performing in Lincolnshire for over 30 years, his first show being back in 1986!! He looks far too young to have been performing since 1986 and he knows you will agree.


LAODS Vice Chair - Production Manager

Nicola is a veteran LAODS member, having performed consecutively in 17 years of shows - once whilst she was actually giving birth to her son! (pre-filmed Munchkinland Sun in Wizard of Oz) She has served on the committee for more than 11 years, taking on the role of Production Manager for almost all of the last 8 years' main productions. Costume and prop design is her most favourite area of responsibility and working with her best friends to pull together marvellous shows. The Christmas Show is also a labour of love, and she is proud to take a different role in being an assistant to those who make this annual event so musically beautiful and entertaining. Nicci works as a Service Manager within Local Government in Derbyshire and loves to escape the sensibilities to prance around on stage in something gorgeously handcrafted by our dedicated team.


Committee Member - Media Bloke

Simon spends his days as a freelance designer and his nights... as a Dark Knight prowling the City with his small dog Phoebe. Simon originally joined LAODS in 1986 for Hello Dolly (1987), after which he moved out of the county to further his wanting education. Twenty-three years later In 2010, and as part of a mid-life crisis, Simon rejoined LAODS for Oklahoma! and has stuck around ever since. LAODS has offered him many opportunities to expand creatively into areas he might not have otherwise covered at work. Simon is responsible for art direction and production of LAODS' many design requirements such as the website, show programmes, leaflets, posters, social media and photo shoots.


LAODS Treasurer

Nicole has been treasurer for LAODS since 2015 which is a fitting role alongside her day to day profession as an internal auditor. Nicole oversees the society's finances, dealing with all aspects of income and expenditure. She is also part of the production team and monitors the budgets to ensure that expenditure stays on track, a task which can be challenging at times! She loves performing with LAODS and is pleased to be able to help out 'behind the scenes' as treasurer to ensure the society remains in place for members and audiences to enjoy for years to come.


LAODS Secretary

Bob currently works as an aircrew instructor at RAF Cranwell for the MOD following an RAF flying career spanning 32 years. LAODS rekindled a youthful interest in singing and the theatre when his son, Jamie, performed in Oliver. Recognising a like-minded bunch of fun people who loved to sing, act and enjoy a drink, Bob successfully auditioned for the 2011 production of Oklahoma. He loves the close harmony singing of the Christmas show and the teamwork and camaraderie of the main summer musical production; a theme that runs throughout everything LAODS does. Actors love to talk and as Secretary he has enjoyed the challenge of assisting the Chairman in restricting committee meetings to an elusive 90 minute maximum, knowing he will be writing the minutes! He is heartened by the fact that LAODS is a very welcoming and inclusive society encouraging members of all ages and backgrounds (even those with woolly memories and a sense of rhythm that doesn’t reach their legs). Having appeared in the last 7 shows he hopes to keep performing with his LAODS friends as long as his voice, body and their patience holds out!


Committee Member, Musical Director for The Christmas Concert

During term time, Simon can normally be found teaching GCSE and A Level maths. His students have got used to him tap dancing at the front of the class whilst they work. They also know when it is getting close to the main show as he tends to run his lines whilst on duty walking around the school’s refectory. Simon's love of a capella music has found an outlet in the LAODS Christmas Concert and he has enjoyed observing the growing confidence of the society members when singing in harmony. Simon also helps to promote LAODS and its shows as well as helping to create the audio for the interval films.


Committee Member - Producer/Director of "The D"

Kindall majored in voice at Mars Hill College in North Carolina. Moving to NYC after ‘uni’, he studied acting with Bill Esper and continued his vocal training with the late Joseph Scott. He was member of Actor’s Equity, NYC. Between performance gigs, he worked on Christopher Street as a bartender. This morphed to a career in (surprise) the restaurant business. Eventually he bought a restaurant where he honed his skills as chief cook and bottle washer under the tutelage of several wonderful chefs. For the last four years, he was head chef. He resumed acting in and around Allentown, PA. He was an active member of the Theatre Outlet and served as its general manager for two years. He moved to the UK ten years ago to be with his husband, Phil. They moved to Lincoln environs five years later. Scratching his theatre itch, he is happily involved in LAODS as committee member, performer and as co-director of LAODS one act play series. Unsurprisingly, he (and Phil) also caters some of LAODS' foodie functions..


Committee Member

Rik first joined the LAODS family back in 1995 for the production Annie Get your Gun. Since then he has had the opportunity to perform in various shows; from the highly energetic 42nd St, including part of the LAODS touring chorus to Yeovil Octagon Theatre, to the craziness of Spamalot. He also enjoyed confusing a lot of people during LAODS production of La Cage Aux Folles. Outside of LAODS, Rik has pursued a variety of career opportunities, including working professionally backstage. This experience allows Rik to advise on technical elements and to ensure a smooth transition into the theatre. Rik enjoys the challenge and camaraderie that putting on a major show each year, as well as the close harmony Christmas concert, brings to the society. You’ll always find him willing to lend a hand and striving to hit those high notes, literally!


Committee Member - Producer/Director of "The D"

Phil is an engineer who has a true passion for music and performance. Phil has been an active member of LAODS for 6 years, and enjoys being part of the summer musical, but perhaps more importantly, he enjoys the close harmony singing at the annual LAODS Christmas show. Along with his husband Kindall, also a member of the committee, Phil directs a one act play for LAODS every spring. These have been extremely well received by the members and the public alike. Phil believes that the ‘D’ in LAODS is a very important part of what we do, and can bring true catharsis to the audience, as well as huge reward to the actor. As an ongoing commitment to the LAODS family, Phil hosts quiz nights, mastermind evenings, wine tastings, and along with Kindall, Phil caters for many LAODS food events.


Committee Member - Society Registrar

Kelsey hails from the little state of Maryland in the grand ol' US of A. She has lived in Lincoln for over six years now and has been involved with LAODS for almost all six of those years! Having a degree in Technical Theatre, Kelsey worked professionally as a Stage Manager before moving over the Big Blue; she now works as a Secondary Teacher of English and Performance (when she's not running after her toddler twin boys). She has worn many hats in LAODS, from Stage Manager to Costumer to Actor to Committee Member. She is currently a dedicated member of the committee, leading and helping with tasks in any way that she can. LAODS' annual Christmas Show is her absolute favourite thing to do with this amazingly talented, gorgeous group of people.


Committee Member - Costume Hire Team Co-ordinator

Siân started her theatrical life as a classically trained singer and actress. She worked, often times professionally, from a very young age until she had her first child. Both her children are disabled and are a full time but rewarding job in themselves, however her LAODS escapades and friends form both a vital support network and a necessary outlet for pent up needs to dramatically let off steam. Now in her 40s Siân has accepted her niche to be hags, drunks, witches and crones and loves playing them whenever possible, she also loves brushing off her top Ds in the close harmony concerts and leading the fabulous Costume Hire Team. Here’s to many more years of LAODS high jinks.